Water is fascinating and fun for most of the kids. Kids are not aware of the water dangerous and parents need to be cautious and concerned. It is a higher risk for Kids to drown even with very little water while at playing on vacation or at home. With regards to the Water Safety, find below the list of recent statistics and facts to keep in mind.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission – Most of the submersion and drowning injuries for kids below 5 years are entirely associated with the pools.

Kids Health – Only with the 2-inches of water, kids can easily drown such as fountains, inflatable pools, and toilets.

Red Cross – Drowning fatalities with 87% of younger kids below 5 years in hot tubs or home pools.

Safe Kids Worldwide – Kids drowning accidents quite commonly happen in large buckets and bathtubs.

National Safety Council – Drowning, the most leading causes of Kids death. In 2017, most of the kids below 4 years old were drowning with 12%.

Why Life Jacket is Imortant for Your Baby

Find below the list of features you need to consider before purchasing life jacket for babies and kids:


Buoyancy – The most important feature of a life jacket is its buoyancy. By default, babies life jackets are created using the poly-twill and nylon material with separate light buoyancy. It is used together with the right amount for the small child or an infant. For kids, it should have the buoyancy of 7 pounds to afloat a 30-pound child. While purchasing the kid’s life jacket, you need to look for the buoyancy rating for consideration.

Head Protection – Most of the life jackets are custom-designed for child protection from drowning and make them face out or side up of the water. These life jackets are better used for infants and as well as new swimmers.

Buckles & Vertical Zipper – You need to ensure the security of a life jacket while wearing the same for your child’s safety. The dual buckles and horizontal zippers will safeguard & secure the kid with more comfortable and safe. Even models will also offer a crotch strap which can assist to slide over the head for prevention and moves within the legs.

Weight Restrictions – Inside the Life jacket, you can typically find the printed weight lights. It is always advisable to choose the best life jacket that matches your child’s current weight. Never consider to purchase like clothing and think of getting a bigger size. The loosen life jacket will be unsafe & uncomfortable for your kid. Safety is the most vital part and ensures that it meets your kid’s requirements.

Grab Loop – Most of the life jackets are sewn with a grab handle on the rear of the life jacket for easy access in a water emergency. However, it is not an essential feature to utilize the grab loop, but it could be much easier to save your kid.

Comfort – If the life jacket is not comfortable for your kid then it maybe complaining or cranky during the activity. The life jacket with the right size will be perfectly comfortable and consider the vest style.

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