It is important to select your mattress material to sleep comfortably. There are two popular types of material the mattress can be made of. One is the traditional mattress material, Innerspring and the other one is memory foam mattress. Often, people get confused to select which one to buy, go with the wrong one and blame the material. But it is quite important to know about the features and whether it suits you or not. In this article, we wrote some differences between the materials. Go through them and based on your comfort and usage, select the one which suits you.

Innerspring & Memory Foam Mattress – Which is Better?

An innerspring has a support core of metal coils which sit beneath a comfort layer like polyfoam, latex or even memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are a type of polyfoam. They are very adaptable and changes shape based on the object sitting on it.  With innerspring mattresses, a lot of air moves throughout the night as there are spaces between springs. So, people who sleep on this mattress feel cool while they sleep. On the other hand, a memory foam material is denser and absorb heat from the body very easily. It stays heated overnight. Although, some gel memory foam mattress is made using additional material to cool them up, for those who don’t like heat it is a disadvantage.

For memory foam mattress users, they cant bounce on this mattress. This is because of the fact that the material absorbs rather than counteracting the pressure. It is great at motion transfer feature and you have a feeling of stuck inside the bed. However, an innerspring mattress is super bouncy making it easy for the user to move around easily.  Memory foam mattress easily absorbs and adapt to users shape and personality. You will have a lot of sinking feeling and feel supportive and comfortable. For the innerspring mattress, it is quite bouncy and you won’t feel the sinking feeling. You just feel sitting on top of the mattress rather than sinking into it.

When it comes to price, memory foam mattresses are slightly expensive than the innerspring mattresses. However, it also depends on the additional material used to prepare the mattress. The mattresses are more durable if they use good material inside them. In the case of an innerspring mattress, as the coils are high-quality steel, it is generally durable. With a memory foam mattress, if the manufacturer is using high-quality memory foam which is thick and dense. This entirely depends on which mattress and material you select. If the warranty on the mattress is longer, then usually they are more durable.

Final Word:

With all the differences that we have mentioned above, you will get an idea on which material suits you well. If you are a person who likes body contouring and sinking in the bed, then go for memory foam. This mattress is also more suitable for side sleepers giving them shoulder and hip relief. For those who need extra support and move around more, innerspring mattress suits well. Based on this, select a mattress which suits you good.

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