GNN Global Native Networks Wed, 22 Apr 2020 11:27:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 What Blinds are Best For french Doors? Wed, 22 Apr 2020 11:27:58 +0000 You may wonder what blinds for the French doors are best. In reality, there are a few choices that you should make before you order any blinds. If you are making an appointment to go out and buy one of the best Blinds Dubai, then read on to discover what to look for and when to use them. 

For French doors, what blinds are best?

How it is necessary for French doors to know which blinds are best? Because some shades are better than others depending on the style of door you have.

Type of look you want

Your goal should be to look for the ones that are the most suited to the kind of look you want. While there are a few different styles, all can look good on some doors. Keep in mind that the type of door you choose will largely depend on the decor. For example, if you’re going to try a brass combination on your white door, a rustic door would be the most logical choice. 

 A clever mason or carpenter can completely transform a door by merely altering its bolts or creating a new design. Before you decide to buy or go with something else, take some time to study what’s on the market for the type of look you’re looking for.

Create a larger, more efficient space

Most of the available models have “seated” options, which allow you to control the amount of light that comes into the room and the amount of privacy you want to get away from that open area. They also have sliding or folding blinds, which will help to create a larger, more efficient space.

The best way to keep the interior feel fresh and modern is to keep yourself well-prepared in advance of the trip and have enough to take care of, just in case you have to stay somewhere longer than 24 hours. Fortunately, you can find all that you need quickly by purchasing a variety of coffee and meal packs for such a short trip. 

Choose the size and angle of glass or wood

If you want the feel of something modern and like the open spaces of the sliding blinds, then choose those that have the size and the angles of glass or wood. For an older world French look, choose those with the plastic slats and even with metal or with a frame that resembles wood or glass.

Buy your local blinds store or online

The styles are all usually not available in the same manner. You can pick the look you want by going down to your internal blinds store or online and checking out the different options available.

Variety of colors

Some are available in a variety of colors so you can go from wood to glass front doors. Some are even custom built so you can get a completely custom look to any room.

Customizable to any style you want

For the more office look, some are made for that exact purpose. You can pick from many different colors, and the shapes are also customizable to any style you want.

Want to go for a designer

When you have decided what blinds and Curtains Dubai are best for French doors, you can then decide if you’re going to go for a designer or a more affordable option. Many companies can customize your style, wood, or fabric, so you can choose the wood type you want.

 Available will give you a range of looks 

The different kinds of faux wood available will provide you with a variety of watches, so you can decide what is right for you. They will also fit right into the design of your room.

Chance to watch the installation of a French door

If you have an opportunity to watch the installation of a French door, you will learn a lot about what types of blinds are best for French doors. It is not hard to understand once you have watched someone do it.


When you have decided what blinds are best for French doors, you can get them today and put them to use for your style of the room. Look around online, and you will find many options.

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Buy Baby Life Jackets for a Safe Water Holiday Wed, 22 Jan 2020 10:41:10 +0000 Water is fascinating and fun for most of the kids. Kids are not aware of the water dangerous and parents need to be cautious and concerned. It is a higher risk for Kids to drown even with very little water while at playing on vacation or at home. With regards to the Water Safety, find below the list of recent statistics and facts to keep in mind.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission – Most of the submersion and drowning injuries for kids below 5 years are entirely associated with the pools.

Kids Health – Only with the 2-inches of water, kids can easily drown such as fountains, inflatable pools, and toilets.

Red Cross – Drowning fatalities with 87% of younger kids below 5 years in hot tubs or home pools.

Safe Kids Worldwide – Kids drowning accidents quite commonly happen in large buckets and bathtubs.

National Safety Council – Drowning, the most leading causes of Kids death. In 2017, most of the kids below 4 years old were drowning with 12%.

Why Life Jacket is Imortant for Your Baby

Find below the list of features you need to consider before purchasing life jacket for babies and kids:


Buoyancy – The most important feature of a life jacket is its buoyancy. By default, babies life jackets are created using the poly-twill and nylon material with separate light buoyancy. It is used together with the right amount for the small child or an infant. For kids, it should have the buoyancy of 7 pounds to afloat a 30-pound child. While purchasing the kid’s life jacket, you need to look for the buoyancy rating for consideration.

Head Protection – Most of the life jackets are custom-designed for child protection from drowning and make them face out or side up of the water. These life jackets are better used for infants and as well as new swimmers.

Buckles & Vertical Zipper – You need to ensure the security of a life jacket while wearing the same for your child’s safety. The dual buckles and horizontal zippers will safeguard & secure the kid with more comfortable and safe. Even models will also offer a crotch strap which can assist to slide over the head for prevention and moves within the legs.

Weight Restrictions – Inside the Life jacket, you can typically find the printed weight lights. It is always advisable to choose the best life jacket that matches your child’s current weight. Never consider to purchase like clothing and think of getting a bigger size. The loosen life jacket will be unsafe & uncomfortable for your kid. Safety is the most vital part and ensures that it meets your kid’s requirements.

Grab Loop – Most of the life jackets are sewn with a grab handle on the rear of the life jacket for easy access in a water emergency. However, it is not an essential feature to utilize the grab loop, but it could be much easier to save your kid.

Comfort – If the life jacket is not comfortable for your kid then it maybe complaining or cranky during the activity. The life jacket with the right size will be perfectly comfortable and consider the vest style.

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Tips to Choose Best Washing Machine Mon, 18 Nov 2019 07:09:25 +0000 In the modern world, it is believed that the invention of good quality the washing machine is just a great blessing from modern technology and science. It has helped people in numerous way. Most importantly it has reduced the stress of washing clothes that is presumed to be a tough job for many. There are some machines that also come with advanced features and such things enable people to carry out the work of washing clothes in a much better way. However, there are some tips that should be always kept in the mind while choosing the best washing machines for domestic purpose.

5 Tips to Choose Best Washing Machine


  1. First and foremost thing that the user should look for is the type of washer. It mainly depends upon person to person. Take for example one can choose any one type of washing machine. All the machines are available in two forms. One is the front load washing machine and the other one is the top load washing machine. The user is free to choose the one that is comfortable for him. It is found that top loaders usually consume less energy and water at the time of washing clothes.
  2. You should also keep in mind the capacity of the washing machines. If there is less requirement then you can go for small capacity washing machines but if the demand is more the user should go for the one that has a large capacity. There are various capacities of washing machine available in the market.
  3. Even the features of the washing machine that is to be purchased should be thoroughly checked. There are many people who do not go through it and then soon at the time of operating it they face several issues. Hence it should be checked repeatedly as and when required.
  4. Most of the machines are larger in size. So, the user should first take the measurement of the space where it is to be placed. It is then better to go for choosing the machine. If you buy a machine that is larger the size of the space then the purchase can be a bad one. It is one of the important things that must be considered.
  5. On the other side, the warranty period of the machine should also be checked. If there is no such mention about the warranty period the user should enquire about it as much as possible. It is not good to buy a product without a proper warranty period. 
  6. At the same time, it is also important to follow the sites that are engaged in dealing with the reviews. It should be checked before planning to buy a machine. That would be a much wiser decision.

So mere buying of the washing machine is not a good idea until and unless you are well aware of the small tips to buy the right one. It is expected that with the help of these small guidelines one can easily buy the best product for their homes. 

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Five Reasons Why Car Vacuum Cleaners Are Essential Fri, 18 Oct 2019 06:25:13 +0000 Vacuum cleaners are a great weapon in the hands of modern man. They have reduced the workload of the people to a huge extent. In fact, cleaning a house is a very tough job. So, most of the people have started using vacuum cleaners for their cars. Cars are the only place why they should be kept clean on a regular basis. If it is not maintained it might create some problems. Thus, it is very essential to use quality cleaners mainly for cars. There are many types of products available in the market. One can choose it as per their budget and use.

5 Benefits Of Car Vacuum Cleaners

  1. Most of the car cleaners are just a great tool for cleaning the interiors of the car. They can carry out the cleaning process in a better way. They can help to get a good atmosphere inside the car or any other vehicles. Car vacuum cleaners are just a great tool in the hands of the modern man.
  2. Most of these types of car vacuum cleaners are very compact in nature. They can be easily carried from one place to another very easily. The portable nature of the cleaners is just a great way of cleaning cars.
  3. Even the easy operating system of the machine has enabled more and more people to carry out the work in a much better way. It is one of the main reasons why people have started opting this device. There are manuals that are also attached to the product. If required one can easily check the manuals and start operating the machine. That will be a very convenient way of using the machine.
  4. If anyone uses a good car vacuum cleaner then the user can get a pollution-free environment. It is also important to use such types of machine so that the user can get a beautiful ambience. Even the person can take some fresh energy inside the car. This is a great thing.
  5. It is also felt in many cases that a car vacuum cleaner can keep away bees and other types of insects from the cars. This is a great thing whereby the passengers can comfortably sit inside the car without any issues. Also, the cleaners can help to eradicate the allergies to a great extent. This is also one of the main reasons why most of the people have started using such cleaners. It is a great weapon in the hands of the common man. 

Thus, from the above-mentioned facts it is now quite clear those vacuum cleaners especially the cordless car vacuum cleaner are just a great invention that has enabled modern people to get a stress free and nice life. Just try all the new gadgets that are mainly involved for the use of mankind. The more they will be used the more they will be liked and preferred by the people. It will really help people in various types of domestic and other works. 

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Five Tips To Choose Best Electric Kettle Wed, 18 Sep 2019 05:36:46 +0000 An electric kettle is a great invention that has helped people largely. It can help in easy preparing of beverages and other types of drinks. The mode of operating the kettles are so easy that it has enabled more and more people to chose the product. With the invention of the multipurpose use of the electric kettle, most of the work has become a hassle-free one. It is seen that electric kettle mainly works with the help of the advanced electrical system. It works in a better coordination system and that controls the whole heating system of the same. It is said to be a great tool in the hand of busy people who has very less time to devote to the kitchen. 

How To Choose Best Electric Kettle – 5 Tips


  1. When anyone is planning to buy electric kettle they must always look and prefer at the temperature display. It is a very important thing. Almost the whole temperature is displayed on the screen. It enables the user to get the correct readings of the temperature. This is the most important thing that should be followed in this case.
  2. It is always better to choose the device or the model of the electric kettle that can be simply operated. There are many such devices that cannot be operated easily. Thus it creates a lot of confusion among the people. But most importantly the buyer should grab the device that is simple by nature.
  3. On the other side, one should also look for the device that comes with an elegant design and look. This is a very important thing that should be considered right at the time of purchasing it. The design of the device should be of such type so that it can be easily put on any corner of the room. It will change the look of the room greatly.
  4. While buying an electric kettle the user should always focus on the safety of the same. There are many such devices that come with a lot of confusions and it may not be safe for the people or the users. But that should be checked right at the time of buying it. 
  5. Last but not least the user should always concentrate on the warranty period of the product. If there is no such warranty period of the product the same should be immediately returned to the seller. A good warranty period will enable the people to inform the seller if there are any issues. It should be given special importance and privilege.

Thus buying an electric kettle is very important but above all, it should fulfil all the required things. This should be maintained as much as possible. There are many people who get confused about which product is to be chosen. However, these simple tips will help the user to choose the right product and that too at the right price. It is also expected that with the above-mentioned tips one can easily get the perfect product for their house or kitchen that can run smoothly. 

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Difference Between Innerspring & Memory Foam Mattress Sat, 17 Aug 2019 12:25:37 +0000 It is important to select your mattress material to sleep comfortably. There are two popular types of material the mattress can be made of. One is the traditional mattress material, Innerspring and the other one is memory foam mattress. Often, people get confused to select which one to buy, go with the wrong one and blame the material. But it is quite important to know about the features and whether it suits you or not. In this article, we wrote some differences between the materials. Go through them and based on your comfort and usage, select the one which suits you.

Innerspring & Memory Foam Mattress – Which is Better?

An innerspring has a support core of metal coils which sit beneath a comfort layer like polyfoam, latex or even memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are a type of polyfoam. They are very adaptable and changes shape based on the object sitting on it.  With innerspring mattresses, a lot of air moves throughout the night as there are spaces between springs. So, people who sleep on this mattress feel cool while they sleep. On the other hand, a memory foam material is denser and absorb heat from the body very easily. It stays heated overnight. Although, some gel memory foam mattress is made using additional material to cool them up, for those who don’t like heat it is a disadvantage.

For memory foam mattress users, they cant bounce on this mattress. This is because of the fact that the material absorbs rather than counteracting the pressure. It is great at motion transfer feature and you have a feeling of stuck inside the bed. However, an innerspring mattress is super bouncy making it easy for the user to move around easily.  Memory foam mattress easily absorbs and adapt to users shape and personality. You will have a lot of sinking feeling and feel supportive and comfortable. For the innerspring mattress, it is quite bouncy and you won’t feel the sinking feeling. You just feel sitting on top of the mattress rather than sinking into it.

When it comes to price, memory foam mattresses are slightly expensive than the innerspring mattresses. However, it also depends on the additional material used to prepare the mattress. The mattresses are more durable if they use good material inside them. In the case of an innerspring mattress, as the coils are high-quality steel, it is generally durable. With a memory foam mattress, if the manufacturer is using high-quality memory foam which is thick and dense. This entirely depends on which mattress and material you select. If the warranty on the mattress is longer, then usually they are more durable.

Final Word:

With all the differences that we have mentioned above, you will get an idea on which material suits you well. If you are a person who likes body contouring and sinking in the bed, then go for memory foam. This mattress is also more suitable for side sleepers giving them shoulder and hip relief. For those who need extra support and move around more, innerspring mattress suits well. Based on this, select a mattress which suits you good.

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Five Benefits Of Digital Weighing Machine Wed, 17 Jul 2019 11:47:54 +0000 With the advent of the digital or analogue weighing machine, it is very easy to get the accurate weight of a product. During the early days, it was seen that most of the people used to do various types of fraud with such weighing machines. It would always provide a wrong and sometimes more weight of a product. In such a situation the user has to pay a much more price for the product. Modern people are getting used to this type of weighing machines. They are much happier and pleased because of it. It is also found that the weighing machine comes with various types of advantages. Let us try to find out some of them. 

Best Uses of Digital Weighing Machine

If you are using the digital weighing machines for measuring the products then you should be sure that you will get a correct measurement. The traditional types of weighing machines are much slower and defective. Sometimes, they may not be able to provide the exact weight of the product. You can be quite relaxed with the digital weighing machines. This is said to be one of the most important advantages of digital weighing machines. Another advantage of a digital weighing machine is that it can be handled very easily and smoothly. Even a layman can use it without any type of training and instructions. Just put the product on the top tray of the weighing machine and press the button. Within a fraction of second, you will get the exact measurement of the same.

Such machines can be easily moved from one place to another place very easily. In fact, the portable nature of the product has made it much more innovative and creative to a good extent. Even the weight of the machine is quite low in comparison with the traditional ones. It is a great advantage and benefit of using such machines. The long battery life of the digital weighing machine enables people to use it for a long time without any issues. With good battery life, a person can use it for a long time. It is not only advanced but also a great tool in the hands of modern man to measure any types of products.

It requires very less effort and fees to maintain such a device. If you use any other types of a machine then it may require good maintenance charges and sometimes it may be turned out to be a difficult task for the users. In fact, digital weighing machines are a hassle-free product that is quite convenient to be used without any types of special maintenance. Thus, with the introduction of the digital weighing machines it has become an easy process to measure any types of product and that too within a short time. Even the product comes with some advanced features that are just mind-blowing in all aspects. It has turned out to be a necessary and mandatory item almost in all the places.  

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20 Offbeat Things to Do in Gokarna Sun, 05 May 2019 15:46:33 +0000 Gokarna is a traveller’s paradise and if you are planning to visit this place then here are 20 things that you should not miss on a trip to Gokarna.

1) Get to Murdeshwar

Murdeshwar is close to Gokarna, and if you want to travel offbeat, then you can get to this place from Kahani Paradise House if you want to witness something really interesting.

2) A Bike Trip around Gokarna

Bike trip around Gokarna sounds fun, and you can rent bikes, or if you came there all over by your bikes, then it would be a better idea.

3) River Rafting at Dandeli

River Rafting at Dandeli River is one of the best things that travellers love to do, and rafting is a really cool sport.

4) A Tour of Flea Market

Flea Market of Gokarna is not that rushed, and you can get a hold on some really nice stuff at cheap rates.

5) Star Gazing at Gokarna

Star Gazing in Gokarna with your loved ones could be a better thing to make your trip more memorable.

6) Venture through Small Towns

Small towns near this place are filled with curious locals and stories. One must visit these towns on a trip to Gokarna.

7) Taste Food of Gokarna

Food of Gokarna is said to be the best, and you can get to the market to have some of it.

8) Parasailing at Beach

Parasailing is famous in peak season, and you can find one at Om beach.

9) Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball couldn’t be missed, and you can play some with your friends to have some real fun.

10) Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditating at this place are so serene, and it feels so good just to sit and listen to the silence here.

11) Book Shopping

There are some markets, or we can say some antique shops where you can get to buy some handmade books for yourself.

12) Bonfire by the beach

Bonfire by the beach at night with your group playing songs and having some fun is the best thing ever when compared to Luxury Villa in Goa.

13) Visit the Shiva Caves

Shiva caves in the middle of nowhere are the best place to be, and it is a must to do a thing.

14) Cycle Trip to Mirijan Fort

Mirijan fort is just 11km away from Gokarna, and you can easily get to that place to witness the beauty, and due to the height of the fort, you will get to see some really scenic views.

15) Alone Long Walks

Alone walks by the beach and listening to the water hitting the shore and sometimes it is good to give you time and to know yourself at such serene places.

16) Rent a Shack

A Shed on the beach is the best place where you can be, and you can even use it as your party place, or you can simply rent it out to spend some quality time with someone special.

17) Witness the Indian Culture

Gokarna is the best place if you are there to witness Indian culture. Rich Indian culture and devotees are there who worship Indian gods in some ancient and beautiful temples around.

18) Roam around the Towns

Gokarna has filled up with some really cool and small towns around, and you can get a detour and head to these towns to interact with locals and know more about life there.

19) Hiking to Hidden Beaches

Many hidden places are there and you need to find them all by yourself. Hidden beaches are there only for travellers as tourist only ruin a beautiful spot.

20) Spend some time on Tree House

Tree houses are the best thing that you could ever witness. Gokarna is filled up with them, and you just need to avoid the monsoon season, or you will miss this thing.

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Adding more women in labour force will boost India’s economic growth: IMF Mon, 11 May 2015 18:31:56 +0000 Terming gender-gap in Indian job market as higher than most other countries, IMF on Sunday pitched for greater investment in infrastructure and enhanced social spending to bring in larger number of women in labour force.

As per a recent IMF study, India’s GDP can expand by 27% if the number of women workers increases to the same level as that of men.

This is much higher than the positive impact a 50-50 gender parity in workforce can have on many other economies.

“The study refers to the GDP gain that would materialise if the labour force participation gap between men and women is closed. This gender gap in labour force participation is much larger in India than in most other countries,” said Kalpana Kochhar, Deputy Director of IMF’s Asia and Pacific Department.

“Specifically, this gender gap is around 50% in India, compared with an average gap of 12% in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. Since the gap is much larger in India, the economic gain from closing it is much larger compared with other countries,” Kochhar told PTI in an interview.

She further said that delivering such a large increase in women participation will require work along many dimensions, including increased labour market flexibility, greater investment in infrastructure, and enhanced social spending.

When asked about the potential benefits in terms of GDP growth that India can realise by removing the financial and employment exclusion on parameters like caste and religion, Kochhar said, “the IMF has not done any work on this issue beyond looking at gender gaps”.

On G-20 pledge to reduce the gap in women’s labour force participation by 25% by 2025, she said it was a very positive step.

“Progress towards this goal will take time as it will require policy efforts along many dimensions. Policies to raise female participation in the labour force include revising tax codes to remove disincentives to work, providing high quality and affordable child care and well-designed parental leave policies.

“In developing economies, better infrastructure in rural areas and increased expenditure on the education of girls and women will help. More equal laws and reducing discrimination will also be needed to meet this goal,” she added.

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