Gokarna is a traveller’s paradise and if you are planning to visit this place then here are 20 things that you should not miss on a trip to Gokarna.

1) Get to Murdeshwar

Murdeshwar is close to Gokarna, and if you want to travel offbeat, then you can get to this place from Kahani Paradise House if you want to witness something really interesting.

2) A Bike Trip around Gokarna

Bike trip around Gokarna sounds fun, and you can rent bikes, or if you came there all over by your bikes, then it would be a better idea.

3) River Rafting at Dandeli

River Rafting at Dandeli River is one of the best things that travellers love to do, and rafting is a really cool sport.

4) A Tour of Flea Market

Flea Market of Gokarna is not that rushed, and you can get a hold on some really nice stuff at cheap rates.

5) Star Gazing at Gokarna

Star Gazing in Gokarna with your loved ones could be a better thing to make your trip more memorable.

6) Venture through Small Towns

Small towns near this place are filled with curious locals and stories. One must visit these towns on a trip to Gokarna.

7) Taste Food of Gokarna

Food of Gokarna is said to be the best, and you can get to the market to have some of it.

8) Parasailing at Beach

Parasailing is famous in peak season, and you can find one at Om beach.

9) Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball couldn’t be missed, and you can play some with your friends to have some real fun.

10) Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditating at this place are so serene, and it feels so good just to sit and listen to the silence here.

11) Book Shopping

There are some markets, or we can say some antique shops where you can get to buy some handmade books for yourself.

12) Bonfire by the beach

Bonfire by the beach at night with your group playing songs and having some fun is the best thing ever when compared to Luxury Villa in Goa.

13) Visit the Shiva Caves

Shiva caves in the middle of nowhere are the best place to be, and it is a must to do a thing.

14) Cycle Trip to Mirijan Fort

Mirijan fort is just 11km away from Gokarna, and you can easily get to that place to witness the beauty, and due to the height of the fort, you will get to see some really scenic views.

15) Alone Long Walks

Alone walks by the beach and listening to the water hitting the shore and sometimes it is good to give you time and to know yourself at such serene places.

16) Rent a Shack

A Shed on the beach is the best place where you can be, and you can even use it as your party place, or you can simply rent it out to spend some quality time with someone special.

17) Witness the Indian Culture

Gokarna is the best place if you are there to witness Indian culture. Rich Indian culture and devotees are there who worship Indian gods in some ancient and beautiful temples around.

18) Roam around the Towns

Gokarna has filled up with some really cool and small towns around, and you can get a detour and head to these towns to interact with locals and know more about life there.

19) Hiking to Hidden Beaches

Many hidden places are there and you need to find them all by yourself. Hidden beaches are there only for travellers as tourist only ruin a beautiful spot.

20) Spend some time on Tree House

Tree houses are the best thing that you could ever witness. Gokarna is filled up with them, and you just need to avoid the monsoon season, or you will miss this thing.

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